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We Went On A SPECIAL FORCES Driving Experience! | A Bought The T-Shirt Podcast SPECIAL

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

On Thursday 21st October, we were joined by Chris Thrall presenter of the hugely popular ‘Bought the T-Shirt‘ podcast and ‘State of Mind’ book launch competition winner Ben as they took on a ‘V-FORCE Training’ SPECIAL FORCES driving experience.

Chris Vosper, V-FORCE Founder has a unique military background, having served as a Royal Marines Commando, an Army/RAF Officer, and an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Pilot. His passion for motorsport led him to fulfil a lifelong dream of starting his own business. In 2014 he did just that and V-FORCE world-class tactical driving training & events was born.

Also featured in this video is a prior ‘Bought the T-Shirt’ podcast guest, Special Boat Service (SBS) veteran Tony Hayes, Founder, and CEO of SF1 Strength. So why not take a look at how they got on!

Chris Thrall’s new book ‘State of Mind’ was released last Autumn and to mark the occasion he offered one lucky winner the opportunity to participate in one of our high-octane driving experiences!

Chris Thrall set out to run an ultramarathon a day from John O’Groats to Land’s End, solo, unsupported and sleeping in a tent by the side of the road. He’d not trained for two years whilst awaiting major spinal surgery. His backpack alone for the staggering 999-mile slog weighed over fifteen kilograms.

Many said Chris couldn’t do it. The former Commando promised he would. Because to a Royal Marine success is simply a State of Mind…

Chris Thrall is a former Royal Marines Commando turned author, adventurer, extreme endurance athlete, life coach and inspirational speaker. Chris Thrall was born in South-East London. Aged eighteen, he joined the Royal Marines Commandos.

He has travelled to eighty countries across seven continents, ran #999miles non-stop and achieved all his goals, including becoming a qualified pilot, skydiver, and Antarctic polar diver and explorer.

Following active service in the Northern Ireland Conflict and training in Arctic warfare and survival, he earned his parachutist’s ‘wings’ and operated as part of a high-security detachment on board an aircraft carrier.

Want to take part in an adrenaline-fueled event like this? Check out our experiences page. We also offer a range of vehicle skills training.


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