This experience has been perfected by our team of rally champions and Special Forces personnel to give you a real and raw experience of what it’s like to be a part of an elite team. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to rescue an injured member of your team whilst being chased by a high performance Subaru. Do you have what it takes?

This is not just an average car chase experience, you will be taught rally driving techniques on a loose surface in one of our high performance vehicles before being sent on a mission to rescue an injured member of the team. You will be chased down by our powerful Subaru and need to drift your way around our track to escape capture.

Do you want to be the one doing the chasing? Don’t worry, you will get to experience both sides of the action as the driver of the rescue vehicle and experience rally driving techniques in the Subaru.


Because we’re not just going to show you these skills in a classroom, you’re going to get the chance to try them out for real in our grand finale. This is a realistic tactical scenario, where others are depending on your skills and drills to rescue them from a life and death situation.


This event takes place at our stunning Walters Arena venue, which is ideal for a truly unique  driving experience. We guarantee an in-depth and entertaining day with more time behind the wheel than most traditional driving experiences.


V-FORCE Training is the only company in the UK who offer this to non-serving front line operators. Which means, it’s highly unlikely you’ll experience anything like this anywhere else.

How intense is the day? We’ll leave it one of our happy customers to tell you:

Subaru rally car with a paint fireing AR replica
V-Force Driving Experiences
Learn how to drift in this amazing experience
Experience a car chase in this Rapid Response Experience
Subaru rally car

Take a look at our event dates or get in touch if you’d like to find out more, simply contact the V-FORCE Event Bookings Team on 01874 690668 or email us at bookings@v-forcetraining.com


All trainees will require a valid UK (or equivalent foreign) diving licence and be able to operate a manual transmission vehicle. Read our FAQs for more information.


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