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V-FORCE’s Recent Feature In 2022 Career Pursuit

Recently we’ve been lucky enough to be the main feature in the 2022 Career Pursuit magazine. It’s principally focused on providing guidance for military personnel leaving the armed forces, as well as military spouses/partners. It provides a wealth of support and is a great place for resources and tips.

This article is all about Chris’ transition from military life to starting and running his own business with his wife Clare. Chris thoroughly enjoyed his military career as an Army Air Corps AH-64 attack helicopter pilot, and latterly an RAF pilot, but always had a dream of running his own specialist tactical driving business, V-FORCE. Clare had been working as an IT consultant. This article follows their transition and helps teach others what they had learnt along the way.

"If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to plan early and make the most of those years before you leave the military to access as many relevant courses as possible" - Chris Vosper.

We would like to offer a huge thanks to Career Pursuit for including V-FORCE in their fantastic publication. We hope it will help many others as they leave military service to embark on a new life as a civilian. You can learn more about our article and the 100-page full Career Pursuit magazine here:

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