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V-FORCE has announced collaboration with Flight Beyond Sight

V-FORCE Training are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Flight Beyond Sight 360 to elevate our training capability to the next level. Training is delivered through a mixture of synthetic and real-world elements by using 360 video to augment driving training (in real cars) with highly qualified instructors to maximise the learning process.

360 video is the perfect way to create a fully immersive environment, particularly with regard to training scenarios. These scenarios can be in a static or dynamic situation, such as conducting surveillance from a parked car or evasively manoeuvring a vehicle to escape a threat.

Jamie, CEO and Founder of Flight Beyond Sight commented ‘360 video is enabling a whole new era for professional, civilian and military training’

The experience doesn’t get much better than unleashing the full power of a high-performance rally-spec Subaru to conduct hostile vehicle interdictions or learning how to engage targets from a moving vehicle by laying down suppressive fire out of the window….

Training delivery doesn’t get much better than totally immersive 360 video and audio to recreate the situation before you actually step into it.

As V-FORCE Training evolves, with even more exciting experiences currently being worked on, FBS360 will fully support and push the boundaries to deliver an experience like no other!


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