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Get ready for the ultimate driving challenge with our Spec Ops driving day. This intense, action-packed event offers two elements that will test your limits and enhance your driving skills. From evasive manoeuvres to interceptor driving and real-world scenario training, you'll leave this event with new skills and confidence behind the wheel. Join the competition of rescuing an injured team member while the other group chases them down in a faster car. Contact us now and experience the thrill of pushing your teams driving abilities to new heights.

First, our Evasive Driving Training will challenge you to handle the pressure of being a solo undercover surveillance operator whose cover has been blown. You'll use your advanced driving skills to evade a variety of threats and escape to safety. Skills covered in this training include:

Rapid Response/Interceptor Driving: In this element of the programme, the team must drive as quickly as possible to achieve a specific objective: firstly to extract a casualty and secondly to intercept an enemy vehicle.

Rapid Response Driving

  • Respond rapidly in support of a friendly unit as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

  • Rear-wheel drive car control skills including: power sliding and fast driving


Interceptor Driving

  • SWAT team vehicle interdiction skills against a vehicle-mounted threat

  • 4-wheel drive high-performance car control skills based on loose surface rally techniques

  • Assault rifle handling and vehicle interdiction skills


The training will conclude with an exercise in which two teams will compete in a car chase. One team will be tasked with rescuing an injured team member, and the other group will be chasing them down in a faster car to conduct the intercept.

Take a look at our event dates or get in touch if you’d like to find out more, simply contact the V-FORCE Event Bookings Team on 01874 690668 or email us at

COST £895 excl VAT per person, minimum of twelve


All trainees will require a valid UK (or equivalent foreign) diving licence and be able to operate a manual transmission vehicle. Read our FAQs for more information.


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