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Hugh Keir from H-Hour Podcast joins V-FORCE for a day of Evasive & Tactical Driving Training.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

On Thursday 21st October, we were thrilled to be joined by Hugh Keir, producer of the popular H-Hour podcast. Our CEO Chris was a guest of this podcast in September 2020. Hugh joined us for a day of evasive and tactical driving training at the V-FORCE Walters arena venue.

H-Hour podcast is presented by ex-soldier Hugh Keir and focuses on long form conversations with guests that include politicians, actors, psychologists, UFC fighters, authors, campaigners, and more.

A former Sniper in the Parachute Regiment, serving from 2000 to 2011, Hugh Keir conducted frontline operations in Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Since leaving the military, Hugh has worked as a Close Protection Officer in the Middle East and in the UK and produces the podcast in his spare time.

First order of the day was pistol training, using a paint-firing replica Glock 17 pistol, taught by former Royal Marines Commando and SBS operator, Tony Hayes Founder of SF1 Strength. Tony was a heli sniper in the SBS and Hugh served as a Para reg sniper, so both men have a very high standard of marksmanship skills. As soon as the first rounds were fired, Hugh’s skills from his previous career were immediately apparent, conducting accurate pistol engagements from various fire positions, and operating in and around the vehicle.

Our advanced driving instructor for the day was our very own, CEO and Founder Chris Vosper, who put Hugh through an intensive car handling course. Hugh conducted surveillance from his car against a hostile vehicle then, with his cover blown, had to react to an attack. This involved as quick escape by performing a fast reverse, a J-turn and continue through a slalom course using handbrake turns and rally-style handling to reach safety.

Finally, Hugh moved to the unarmed combat training phase to learn some basic weapon defences, culminating in pistol disarms from multiple attackers. Tony, together with MMA fighter and stuntman, Jon Hunt put Hugh through a highly intensive programme of training utilising the sophisticated SF1 Strength suspension trainer.

If you want to learn the coolest and most exhilarating driving and Special Ops skills, V-FORCE delivers what you are after. With specialist training staff and an amazing venue, there is nowhere better to learn new driver skills.

This podcast encompasses incredible military stories discussions about mental health, foreign policy, and funny stories from the front line or wherever the conversation leads. The podcast is relaxed, long-form, unedited, and unscripted. A very similar format to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, but with a Brit! Please check out their podcast and let them know V-FORCE sent you their way.

Check out the video below to see the episode, our CEO Chris Vosper was a guest on the H-Hour podcast:


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