Adrenaline VIP Events


Our Adrenaline VIP Events enable you and your team to immerse yourself in a highly exclusive advanced driving and tactical weapon skills programme.  Typically, these exclusive events are aimed at small groups, but there will also be a very limited number of spaces for individuals to enjoy, either taken separately, or combined into a two-day, action packed experience. Here is what you could expect from one of our VIP Events. Alternatively, we can help customise your experience further, just get in touch.

Special Ops Driving Event


There are two elements to this highly-intensive, action-packed Spec Ops driving day: 


Evasive Driving Training: Do you have what it takes to handle the pressure of being a solo undercover surveillance operator whose cover has been blown, using your advanced driving skills to evade a number of threats to escape to safety? Would it sound better as: Could you handle the pressure of being an undercover surveillance operator whose cover has been blown, using your advanced driving skills to evade a number of threats and escape to safety?


Skills that will be covered:


  • Pistol Training – engaging targets at close quarters from in and around your vehicle

  • Surveillance skills and reaction to threat drills

  • Evasive & Advanced Driving skills: J-turns, handbrake-turns, slalom, width restrictions, threshold braking initially taught and developed in isolation

  • Surveillance Mission – evasive manoeuvres linked together into a sequence to extract from the danger zone

Rapid Response/Interceptor Driving: In this element of the programme, the team must drive as quickly as possible to achieve a specific objective: firstly to extract a casualty and secondly to intercept an enemy vehicle.


Rapid Response Driving

  • Respond rapidly in support of a friendly unit as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

  • Rear wheel drive car control skills incl. power sliding and fast driving


Interceptor Driving

  • SWAT team vehicle interdiction skills against a vehicle-mounted threat

  • 4-wheel drive high performance car control skills based on loose surface rally techniques

  • Assault rifle handling and vehicle interdiction skills


This training will conclude with an exercise where two teams will compete in a car chase. One team will be tasked with rescuing an injured team member, and the other group will be chasing them down in a faster car to conduct the intercept.

SWAT Events


Experience the thrill of being a member of a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team, operating in a hostile environment, in this exhilarating event. 


This is like nothing you’ll see outside of an elite military training base unless it’s on the set of an action movie. In this unique experience, you will learn how to engage targets from a moving vehicle under the expert tuition of specialist former-military instructors. 


You will need to operate from your assault vehicle effectively to reach your objective; once you’re “on-target”, you’ll need the skills to complete your mission.


SWAT Vehicle Skills: Experience the exhilaration of laying down quick and accurate fire from a moving vehicle against a range of different targets using replica paint-firing assault rifles.  Firing from a moving vehicle presents a unique challenge – you only get a split second to engage each target. 


With the pressure cranked up, you’ll consolidate your vehicle marksmanship skills, engaging multiple targets from a moving vehicle, before learning to defeat a vehicle ambush and withdrawing safely.


SWAT Advanced Weapon Skills: Experience the exhilaration and intensity of Urban Dismounted Close Combat within the context of Counter Revolutionary Warfare CQC – Close Quarters Combat. 


  • Advanced Weapons skills with replica firearms, including assault rifles and pistols

  • Close Quarters Shooting & Kill House


Final Exercise: The day will culminate in a high-pressure final exercise that combines all the skills learnt from the day into a final mission. This involves infiltrating an enemy compound, shooting your way in from your vehicle, dismounting and getting to the objective. This is where your SWAT skills will come into play, with you entering the enemy compound and clearing it of enemy forces as a team.

After you have achieved your objective, you must exfiltrate and get back into your vehicle before making your escape.


Looking for something a bit more made-to-measure? Get in contact with us and let us create the ultimate experience for you and your team. 

A truly outstanding and unique event can be tailored to your exact requirements. The possibilities are considerable; we can deliver such options as helicopter combat, aircraft vehicle-interdiction, heli-assault profiles.

This is just an outline for one of our more popular events, we have so much more to offer. Contact us and allow us plan your Grand Tour:


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